Spanish Geopark Network

National Geoparks Network. The Spanish Geopark Committee

In countries that have got Geoparks, the Network -in our case the through EGN- is represented by national Geopark committees. In addition to representatives of the same Geoparks (ordinary members ex officio), it is recommended that the committee include state representatives: National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO, national geological service, environment, tourism … (advisory members). So far, we can find as member advisors the Spanish National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO, the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain and the Spanish National Committee of the International Programme of Earth Sciences.

All Spanish Geoparks conform, together with representatives of the General Administration of the State, The Spanish Geopark Comittee a kind of forum to coordinate the work carried out at the national level related to the Global Network and UNESCO and they also take care of the proper dissemination of appropriate information in the new Geopark State projects.

Geoparks that make up The Spanish Geopark Comitte are:

All committee members collaborate in mandatory reports in order to obtain the letter of support of the Spanish National Commission Cooperation with UNESCO needed for the new Geoparks candidacy.

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