Guided tours

In this section you can find different enterprises and institutions that offer Guided Tours:

005_aliments-pallars-logop1)  Al teu gust, aliments del Pallars (To your taste, food from Pallars)  is a revitalization program in the food sector Pallars Jussà. Among its actions, it promotes guided tours. Here, there are some examples:
• Visit the wine Cellars.
• Take a tour in the factory of Licores Portet.
• Visit Cervesa Ctretze (beer factory) facilities.
• Know the world of plants in the Parc de les Olors (Park of Smells)



viujussa2) Vine al Pallars, Viu el Jussà

This project wants to give some added value to the rural accommodations of the region through different activities and guided tours.




eureka3) Eureka SGN

Enterprise focused in the dissemination and training related to the Earth Sciences. Amog its geotouristic products, it offers guided tours to different areas with geologic interest in the area of the Geopark Project.



4) Itineraris Geològics

Enterprise that realize field trips specialized in geology in la Conca de Tremp, area of the Geoparc project.



pirineuemoci-logo5) Pirineu emoció specialized enterprise in organised trips. In its menu Tren dels Llacs you can find different oiffers that combine this means of transport with activities related to the Geoparc area. Have a look at Senderisme menu to find tours at Cinque Llac (Fifth Lake) or Mont-rebei canion.



kayaking montrebei


6) Kayaking Mont-rebei discover Mont-rebei gorge by kayak.






7) DAUCAT, Serveis Turístics de Catalunya. Tourism business specialized in geotourism, ornithological and astronomic tourism (birdwatching) and business tourism.



8) Most of the FACILITIES inside the Geopark Project have got an offer of guided tours.

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