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El Cinquè Llac (The Fifth Lake)


El Cinquè Llac (The Fifth Lake): Montcortés Lake

El Cinquè Llac is a circular walking route in the foothills of the Pyrenees, accessible to a wide range of outdoor lovers. It is a mid-mountain route, divided into five stages, which takes in the northern area of the aspiring Geopark. One of the trail’s key values is that most of the itinerary follows bridle paths and mountain trails.

  • Type: Walking
  • Length: 102,3 km
  • Gradient: 6.495m accumulated
  • Difficulty: Medium-High

El Cinquè Llac has been the winner of the section of  “Naturaleza Nacional” (National Nature) of the XXII edition of the Competition for Best Active Tourism Product, organized by FITUR in collaboration with the magazine Aire Libre.





GeoRoute I: The last dinosaurs in Europe (Basturs, Abella, Faidella i Comiols)


Georoute I: Basturs Lake

Georoute linking interesting geological, paleontological, mining and cultural points of the municipality of Isona i Conca Dellà.

  • Type: Walking or by car
  • Length:
    • Isona – Estanys de Basturs: 5 km
    • Isona – Abella de la Conca: 1 km
    • Isona – Coll de Comiols: 11.6 km
  • Gradient:
    • Isona – Estanys de Basturs: 27m
    • Isona – Abella de la Conca: 297m
    • Isona – Coll de Comiols: 441m
  • Difficulty: Low


 GeoRoute II: La Noguera Pallaresa river (Salàs – La Pobla de Segur i Collegats – Queralt)

Sections of trails linked by car, from Salàs de Pallars to the La Pobla de Segur’s Station and from the parking area of the Figuereta to the parking areaof Morreres. Both paths run through geological landscapes of great beauty.

  • Type: Walking or by car
  • Length: 16.5 km
  • Gradient: 50m

    Georoute II: Collegats (Jordi Castilló)

  • Difficulty: Low


GeoRoute III: Vall Fosca- The Energy Valley (La Pobla de Segur-Senterada-La Torre de Capdella-Capdella-Sallente)

Georoute that links interesting geological, paleontological, mining and cultural points from La Pobla de Segur to the glacial lakes of La Vall Fosca.

  • Type: By car
  • Length: 36 km
  • Difficulty: Low


Mont-rebei GeoRoute

The Mont-rebei Gorge is one of the most outstanding beauty spots in the Pre-Pyrenees, both in scenic terms and in respect of its rich natural and cultural heritage. The route is along a path dug into the rock face, with tunnels at some points, snaking its way through the gorge between towering vertical walls, opening up to the south in the form of an amphitheatre of amazing cliffs. Possibility of guided visits. Ownership: Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation (Partner of the Geopark Project).

  • Type: Walking
    • Length: 9.2km
    • Gradient: 150m accumulated
    • Difficulty: Medium


Carrilet GeoRoute

This route passes by the old train of Lake (Estany) Gento, which was used to transport materials for the construction of hydroelectric Capdella and the system of pipes that connect various lakes in the area. Today its route has been converted into a greenway allowing hiking among the spectacular scenery of the northern sector of the territory proposed as a Geopark, starting and finishing at the top of the cable car at the Vall Fosca.

  • Type: Walking
  • Length: 12,4 km
  • Gradient: 85m accumulated
  • Difficulty: Medium



Discover La Coma de Meià Georoute: Vilanova de Meià Views


 Discover Coma de Meià  GeoRoute

This circular route on foot allows enjoy panoramic views of the Sierra del Montsec and Coma de Meià. It goes through different geological, mining, biological and cultural points of interest in the Municipality of Vilanova de Meià.

  • Type: Walking
  • Length: 14,3 km
  • Gradient: 824 m
  • Difficulty: Medium- High




2017 – International Year of Sustainable Tourism and Development

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