Mineral deposits

Here you can find the mineral deposits of interest selected for the Geopark Project:mapa_paleo_geo_ore_heritage

  1. Iron mining in Manyanet Valley
  2. Iron mining in Sant Esteve de la Sarga
  3. Manganese and salt mining in Gerri de la Sal
  4. Copper mining in la Torre de Capdella
  5. Lead and zinc mining in Mont-Ros and Pobellà
  6. Cupper and uranium mining in Castell-Estaó
  7. Lignite mining in Isona
  8. Sulphate mining in Tendrui
  9. Carbonate rock mining in Xerallo
  10. Carbonate rock mining in la Pobla de Segur
  11. Clay rock mining in Palau de Noguera


Mines d'urani                sal a Gerri                 xerallo

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