Ecological heritage sites

The most important areas of ecological interest in the area of Geopark are:

  • ENP Boumort and Boumort National Game Reserve
    mapa_xnat_2000_v2-2_baixa-01Boumort National Game Reserve was created with the aim to protect, promote and take advantage of the wild animal species and to preserve the ecosystems where they belong to. It has an extension of 13.097ha and you can find a typical Pre-Pyrenean landscape with sharp mountain ranges and a variety of reliefs that offers a high diversity.

Download the leaflet (only Catalan and Spanish version): triptic-rnc-boumort

  • ENP Collegats- Queralt: Collegats canyon, with a length of 5 km is a narrow stripe between the high rock walls where the river Pallaresa opens its path through. Collegats canyon, together with Rocs de Queralt, belongs to a natural space of national interest.

These two areas above belong to Serra de Boumort-Collegats Natura 2000.

  • ENP Montcortés Lake: The waters of the lake come from am internal spring. It is between 20 and 40 metres deep. This lake area is one of the most important bird reserves in the Pyrenees due to the high diversity of migratory birds. It also has some species of flora and fauna which are rarely represented in the Pyrenean territory.
  • ENP Vall Alta Serradell- Serra de Sant Gervàs Natura 2000It should be highlighted its remarkable landscape and geomorphologic interest due to the erosion forms of the geologic materials and the significant difference in height. Isolated forests and the inaccessibility to the deepest parts of the valley have preserved this relatively fragile environment where we can highlight raptor species.
  • ENP Basturs Lakes Natura 2000It is a unique and fragile ecosystem with an area of about 37 ha. It currently has two lakes: one with a round shape and another one which is smaller (Estany Xic) and located at the northwest of the first one.
  • ENP Serres del Montsec, Sant Mamet i MitjanaWithin this area there is Montrebei, a natural area considered one of the places with a highest natural and landscape importance of Catalonia. The walls of the canyon have more than 500 m of vertical drop, with a minimum width of 20 m. It has an extension of about 600 ha.


ENP (Natural Protected Areas) belong to the PEINs – Special Plans of Natural Protection- within the future Geopark area are also Natura 2000 (SPA + SCI)

  • Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici National Park Buffer Zone: In this area we can find la Vall Fosca (Dark Valley) through which you can access to the south part of the only National Park in Catalonia.  Aigüestortes Natura 2000
  • Land stewardships (Mur, Brugal, Collegats, Costa Ampla, Castell d’Encús): Natural areas managed by a non-profit organization, Estació Biològica del Pallars Jussà, that ensures their conservation and uses the areas for education and divulgation.

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