Cultural heritage sites

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Night sky from Montsec – Starlight

Montsec mountain range and its surroundings was awarded with Starlight Reserve and Touristic Destination certificate in 2013. An area of 24 municipalities, part of them inside Geopark proposed area, was certified as Touristic Destination and 11 municipalities were certified as Starlight Reserve, the highest quality skies.

This certification is managed by Starlight Foundation following the agreements of the Starlight Initiative and La Palma Declaration (2007). On the one hand, the Initiative has the support of UNESCO (with MaB programme), World Tourism Organization, International Astronomical Union (IAU) and many other institutions. On the other hand, the Declaration defines the night sky as cultural, scientific and historical heritage and also as a basic cornerstone of our knowledge. The Declaration also promotes the education based on these ideas and tourism as a tool to communicate the night sky preservation.


Les falles del Pirineu – The Torches of the Pyrenees are an element of Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity. The summer solstice fire festivals in the Pyrenees include La Pobla de Segur, amongst the total of 63 municipalities, which belongs to the Conca de Tremp-Montsec Geoprak project.


You also can find the following cultural and intangible heritage sites:

  • Megalithic Complex (dolmens of Bronze Age):

    Dolmen de la Casa Encantada

    • Cabana de Castellars d’en Pey, Cabana de la Mosquera, Cabana de Perauba, Dolmen d’Esplanes and Dolmen de la Foleda (Pallars Sobirà)
    • Casa Encantada, Dolmen de Rosell, Cabana de Moros, Megàlit de Reguart (Pallars Jussà)
    • Dolmen del Cogulló (La Noguera)
  • Roman remains (Isona i Conca Dellà, Pallars Jussà)
  • Medieval Architecture, of which we can highlight the following:
    • BCIN Monuments of Mur Castle (Pallars Jussà)
    • BCIN Santa Maria de Covet Church and Llordà Castle (Pallars Jussà)
    • BCIN Monuments of Canònica de Sant Pere and Ager castle (La Noguera)
    • BCIN Santa Maria de Gerri monastery (Pallars Sobirà)
  • Modernist Architecture: Modernist Complex of Casa Mauri (1903-1907) (La Pobla de Segur – Pallars Jussà): Molí de l’Oli (Oil Mill),  Casa Mauri which is now the town council of La Pobla de Segur and the old garage which is now the Tourism Office.
  • Industrial heritage: the first hydroelectric power station, Capdella Power Station (Pallars Jussà) that it can be visited through the Museu Hidroelèctric de Capdella.
  • Intangible008b_planol416X560_geosilva heritage: Myths

    • Estacador del Diable (Congost d’Erinyà, Pallars Jussà)
    • Cova Serpent – Snake Cave (Collegats canyon, Pallars Jussà)
    • Estanyobert- Open Lake (Cadolla, Pallars Jussà)
    • Montcortés Lake (Pallars Sobirà)
    • Esplugues Cave (Conques, Pallars Jussà)
    • Quartà Rock (La Pobleta de Bellveí, Pallars Jussà)
    • Janes Caves (Mont-ros, Pallars Jussà)
    • Les Carantes (Biscarri, Pallars Jussà)




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