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In this territory the stones talk about…

  • … the dinosaur fossil bone discovered in the dam of Talarn one hundred years ago.
  • … history in the wall of St. Gervas mountain where we preserve the cave paintings of the Terreta Man.
  • … the water trails when rolling down the Noguera Pallaresa after overcoming the obstacles that man put a hundred years ago by building the first hydropower plants.
  • sport if we cross the Mont-Rebei, Terradets and Collegats gorges; if we go down the Gurp ravine, if we pedal the Vulture valley (Vall dels Voltors) or climb the walls Regina rock.
  • our origins when we observe the formation of the basin (Conca) from Comiols or when we discover the paleontological remains discovered at the deposits of Nerets.

In this territory stones talk about….and we only have to listen them!

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